Picking the best hotel for you

When traveling, whether it’s for business of pleasure, picking the right hotel can make or break the experience. Finding the right one based on your needs may be overwhelming because there are so many choices, from small, quaint hotels in big-named ones most popular for their luxurious rooms and buffet breakfasts. To help narrow down the process of choosing for you, here are some tips on how to pick the best hotels.

Imagine what your ideal hotel is

It’s hard to find something that you’re also unsure of, so assess what you actually need in the accommodations you wish to book. If you want a completely relaxing experience with the best amenities the hotel life has to offer, then find mainstream hotels that are known for their grand rooms, amazing views and relaxing additional services. For those on business trips, you may still want the best rooms, but prefer quieter common areas or hotel adjacent to where your meeting will be held. There are those traveling their with families who are in need of safe recreational activities for their kids or those on a backpacking trip who are okay with a comfortable bed and a shower. When you’ve finalized a list of your non-negotiable, you’re now ready to go look for the hotel that fits those criteria best.

Budget, discounts and value for money

 What a traveling customer has going for them is that most sites can be sorted based on price, so researching which one fits your budget is easy. You can go to industry leaders that aggregates hotel prices, such asOrbitz and Expedia, or you can google smaller sites that feature local hotels for comparison. Some travelers would even use these sites to compare prices, then book rooms directly from the hotel because it’s a lot cheaper.

Assess what the price comes with, like a shuttle to and from the hotel, complementary breakfasts, hotel freebies and range of amenities can be used for free. Weigh in which deal you’re really saving more money. It’s also important to research and factor in discounts. Some offer them bundled with plane tickets, others depends on the length of stay or the room you’re staying in.

Location and proximity to key areas

This may be an important consideration if you’re traveling for business or if you’re a first time tourist. Being in a place that’s the adjacent to meeting places or areas of business would mean that you spend less time traveling from point A to point B, and you can use that to focus on the work instead. It also lessens the hassle of the commute and stress of being late to appointments. As for people new to the place, pick a hotel that’s close to the places you want to visit. This is a safety precaution, so you won’t get lost in a foreign place or if you do, you’re at least closer to the hotel or the areas you’re familiar with. Also, If you’re closer to the downtown area or any public transport, it’s easier to explore and immerse in the place, especially for a cheaper price. Before booking anything, make sure that you pinpoint the hotel you will be staying in on the map.