Top 4 Golf Rangefinders of 2017

best golf rangefinder for the money

2017 has sprouted a new era in the world of golf
rangefinders, with a wide variety of new features and styles to choose from.
The best high-quality rangefinders are on the market, and have received reviews
from players and professionals alike. We want to mention our top 3 choices for
the best golf rangefinders that currently top the charts. If you’re looking to
improve your game and add an impressive piece of equipment to your collection,
check these out!

TecTecTec VPRO500

This rangefinder brings a splendid combination of aptitude
and affordability to the mix. It can use laser scanning up to 450 yards, using
a Pinsensor technology that can measure as well as account for overlapping
objects. Many passionate golfers enjoy this piece, as it is lightweight,
waterproof, and very portable. It is one of the cheaper options on the market
without sacrificing quality or the range of high-tech features available.

Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser

Bushnell is one of the highest-rated rangefinders on most sports
review sites. With a reputable brand to back it up, this rangefinder is an
American-made classic. It comes equipped with special features such as the
ability to range up to 1300 yards, as well as 6x magnification capabilities.
And despite the advanced technological features available, it is still
completely legal for competitive and tournament play. It is twice the cost of
the TecTecTec VPRO500, but the added features and ultimate scope ability make
it quite worth it.

Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser

Nikon is another trusted brand in the sports technology
industry, making the Nikon 8397 a popular favorite in 2017. It Is well-known
for its compact size, making it easy to port around during a day on the range. It
can reach up to 550 yards, with target-laser precision. This product is quite
affordable as well, and is typically even cheaper than the TecTecTec VPRO500.
It may not be as advanced or high-performing as the Bushnell, but it is a great
item that can be taken with you at all times, and guarantees to get the job

Equip a Rangefinder to Improve Your Game

Each rangefinder is built with player convenience in mind.
After you check these out, you can decide which laser-equipped technology is
best for you. If you are likely to be participating in long golf tournaments in the
future, or you are simply looking for something to help improve your score and
measure out distances, it is strongly recommended that you add a golf rangefinder to
your high-quality collection.

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If you are sleepless at night because of the pain and aches that keep you awake, you should consider an air mattress. Not just an air mattress, but the best air mattress. There are many choices available on the market, but these can be quite expensive. Here are the reasons why air mattresses are rising in popularity.

Advantages at Home

You might be accustomed to the general mindset that air mattress is limited to individuals who travel. However, you can use air mattresses in your home. For persons who have concerns with mobility, this is perfect for individuals with aches and pains.

These air mattresses provide even support to your home. It implies that you that there is ease in being comfortable when you sleep. The best air mattress allows you to move on the bed during the night. You will sleep more if your body will not hit a bump in the air mattress.

There are many available reviews regarding air mattresses on the web. This article will serve as an air mattress review on how you can have the best air mattress. There are beds that permit you to decide the right inflation level. These air mattresses have supporting beans that will make you think of a real bed. There are manufacturing companies that have made an easier inflation and deflation of the bed. You can opt for some best air beds that have remote controls. These will allow you less effort to gauge the air level in the bed.

best inflateable airbed

Automatic Air Mattress Inflation

Lying or sleeping on the wrong bed may result in people having back problems. Manufacturers have thought about this and have innovated pumps that monitor when an air mattress loses air. These innovative pumps detect when an air mattress loses air and it inflates it to the required level. All of these are done without waking up the person sleeping on the bed.

Height and Stability

You should consider height and stability when air mattresses are considered. You must consider a raised bed compared with a low-profile air bed. These air mattresses can be pumped to the height of a standard bed that allows you to get in and out in a similar manner.

You should not get worried about the air bed tipping and sliding when you sit down on it. Many manufacturing firms have taken this into consideration You can add several weights and grips to ensure that you don’t tip or move the bed when sitting. You must consider this safety measure to ensure that your guests are safe and comfortable.

Ease in Preparation

Air mattresses allow you to prepare guest beds with ease. You just need to open the storage bed, put the air mattress on the floor, plug the electric air pump to the electrical outlet, insert the air valve to the air mattress and put on the air pump. A standard-sized mattress only takes a minute or two to be inflated.


If comfort and affordability is what you seek for, you should definitely buy air mattresses. Thus, air mattresses are gaining in popularity. If you’d like more air mattress reviews, check out The Best Air Mattresses.

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When traveling, whether it’s for business of pleasure, picking the right hotel can make or break the experience. Finding the right one based on your needs may be overwhelming because there are so many choices, from small, quaint hotels in big-named ones most popular for their luxurious rooms and buffet breakfasts. To help narrow down the process of choosing for you, here are some tips on how to pick the best hotels.

Imagine what your ideal hotel is

It’s hard to find something that you’re also unsure of, so assess what you actually need in the accommodations you wish to book. If you want a completely relaxing experience with the best amenities the hotel life has to offer, then find mainstream hotels that are known for their grand rooms, amazing views and relaxing additional services. For those on business trips, you may still want the best rooms, but prefer quieter common areas or hotel adjacent to where your meeting will be held. There are those traveling their with families who are in need of safe recreational activities for their kids or those on a backpacking trip who are okay with a comfortable bed and a shower. When you’ve finalized a list of your non-negotiable, you’re now ready to go look for the hotel that fits those criteria best.

Budget, discounts and value for money

 What a traveling customer has going for them is that most sites can be sorted based on price, so researching which one fits your budget is easy. You can go to industry leaders that aggregates hotel prices, such asOrbitz and Expedia, or you can google smaller sites that feature local hotels for comparison. Some travelers would even use these sites to compare prices, then book rooms directly from the hotel because it’s a lot cheaper.

Assess what the price comes with, like a shuttle to and from the hotel, complementary breakfasts, hotel freebies and range of amenities can be used for free. Weigh in which deal you’re really saving more money. It’s also important to research and factor in discounts. Some offer them bundled with plane tickets, others depends on the length of stay or the room you’re staying in.

Location and proximity to key areas

This may be an important consideration if you’re traveling for business or if you’re a first time tourist. Being in a place that’s the adjacent to meeting places or areas of business would mean that you spend less time traveling from point A to point B, and you can use that to focus on the work instead. It also lessens the hassle of the commute and stress of being late to appointments. As for people new to the place, pick a hotel that’s close to the places you want to visit. This is a safety precaution, so you won’t get lost in a foreign place or if you do, you’re at least closer to the hotel or the areas you’re familiar with. Also, If you’re closer to the downtown area or any public transport, it’s easier to explore and immerse in the place, especially for a cheaper price. Before booking anything, make sure that you pinpoint the hotel you will be staying in on the map.

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